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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – April 8, the House of Representatives tabled HB 458 on the House floor, legislation that would repeal a provision passed by Democrats and signed by the Governor last term to provide menstrual products in school bathrooms. Following the vote Representative Sue Mullen (D- Bedford) released the following statement:

“The push by House Republicans to remove menstrual products from school bathrooms is shortsighted. Providing menstrual products in school bathrooms is vitally important for children who need them throughout the school day. Proponents of this bill made the absurd comparison that schools were also not required to provide toilet paper in the bathroom, another hygienic necessity.

To be clear, the need for menstrual products is not optional and it is the responsibility of government to ensure schools provide the necessary assistance for all students to succeed. I do not understand why the majority is going out of their way to target some students by attempting to repeal a bill signed just last term. Their priorities are clear; they voted yesterday to approve a state budget that will use $10 million in public money to reimburse private investors who lost money on risky investments but today argued against supporting students across the state because it could cost something. I am glad we were able to defeat this legislation today.”

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