CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the House of Representatives approved the Committee of Conference report on House Bill 2, sending the budget bill to Governor Sununu’s desk. Following the vote, House Democrats release the following statement:

“It is said your choices reveal your priorities, and the choices in HB 2 sets forth the priorities of the majority.” Said Representative Mary Beth Walz (D-Bow). “HB 2 is more than about cutting taxes and spending. It is about the kind of future we want for our state and its citizens. Unfortunately, HB 2 is a reverse Robin Hood where the state is giving enormous tax cuts to rich citizens and wealthy out-of-state corporations, while ignoring our neediest.

This budget includes ten million dollars of taxpayer money to reimburse the reckless investors who got caught up in the Financial Resources Management Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile the priorities in this budget ignore the basic needs of thousands of our citizens. The five million dollars a year being spent to reimburse reckless investors could be used to provide dental care to Medicaid recipients. Money could have been sent to cities and towns to lower the education property tax, to invest in infrastructure, or to address so many unmet needs.”

Representative Amanda Toll (D-Keene) added, “House Bill 2 is the most regressive budget that New Hampshire has ever seen when it comes to reproductive health and rights. It includes mandatory, medically unnecessary, and intrusive ultrasounds and a cruel abortion ban that criminalizes doctors and includes virtually zero exceptions. It also drastically underfunds family planning providers. I know firsthand that no one — especially politicians in Concord — should interfere with this intensely personal decision between a pregnant person and their doctor. But that’s exactly what this budget is trying to do: prevent pregnant people from getting the reproductive health care they need. This is an anti-choice budget that will ban abortion at 24 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest.