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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – March 22, Republicans on the House Finance Committee stuck an amendment into House Bill 2, the “trailer bill” for the state budget bill, specifically aimed at eliminating abortion access in New Hampshire. After the vote, Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) release the following statement:

“The GOP crusade against Granite Staters and their healthcare access continued today. Republicans in Division III of House Finance adopted an amendment that would force the closure of vital clinics across the state that provide critical services like STD treatment, cancer screenings, birth control, and reproductive health services, by placing arbitrary requirements on a clinic’s physical structures.

It became abundantly clear in committee that Republicans do not understand how these family planning providers operate, claiming without evidence that they are pressuring patients to consider abortions in a twisted financial kickback scheme. The truth is that these clinics, many which are already struggling to stay open, offer an affordable and often no-cost care alternative to thousands of low-income and underserved individuals across the state who cannot afford such preventative, life-saving care elsewhere.

While Republicans may performatively acknowledge the good work of the preventative and diagnostic healthcare these clinics do in fact provide, we know that their every intent in introducing this amendment is to reduce Granite Staters’ constitutional right to an abortion. “

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