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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the House Election Law Committee voted to kill HB 61 and HB 516, bills that would expand absentee voting rights in New Hampshire. Representative David E. Cote (D-Nashua), Ranking Democrat on the House Election Law Committee, released the following statement:

“Due to Covid-19, New Hampshire’s restrictive absentee balloting law was temporarily expanded last year to permit all eligible voters who desire to vote absentee. Granite Staters responded by turning out in record numbers, with over a quarter million voters (32%) choosing to vote by absentee ballot last November. As the Governor and Secretary of State have repeatedly stated, the 2020 election was conducted smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Bills to permanently expand absentee ballot access received overwhelming public support at their hearings in the House. Unless one of these bills is passed, Granite Staters will once again have to receive permission to vote absentee. There is no reason to deny Granite Staters the same freedom that voters in other states have had for years, but that is exactly what Election Law Republicans recommended the legislature do today. The Republican electoral strategy has become clear – inconvenience as many voters into nonparticipation as possible.”

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