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Rep Stephen Woodcock


Carroll District - 2

My background is steeped in working hard, public service, a commitment to public education
and a belief that we must never forget our veterans. Those veterans that have passed and
those that remain. These lessons were learned in a family where everyone had a duty (a
requirement to help, if you will) to keep the family afloat. My Dad was a solid union voice who
worked at a local newspaper and always had a second job of some sort. A strong man that
always found time to help those in need and to give back to the community. My Mom was an
RN that worked the night shift to support a small family and the three children who were brought
up to share in the household chores.

This background served as the incubator for my work ethic and a commitment to public service
and education. As an Army Veteran whose college education was abruptly ended due to the
draft and on-going war, that commitment to country was fostered. After concluding my Army
service, I returned to college and completed my bachelor’s degree. Over the ensuing years I
matriculated with a Master of Science and a CAGS in Educational Leadership while serving in
multiple roles beginning as a substitute teacher and concluding as a high school principal.
During that period of educational experience, I also served twelve years as a college
department chair, teaching member of the faculty, and twenty years on my hometown school
board. I supplemented this work with over twenty-five years of high school and college
coaching and officiating.

Today, I continue to offer that commitment to public service in my local community by providing
labor and leadership to multiple non-profit organizations and the local veteran community. Throughout this life adventure I have had the support of my hard-working teacher-wife and the
pleasure of raising a very successful daughter.

I enjoy hiking, and like many in NH, have completed the 48 of the 4000’; but now enjoy the 52
With A View. My other interests are vegetable gardening, snowshoeing, and long-distance
motorcycle riding. During the past few years, I have had the honor of completing multiple
cross-country motorcycle rides raising funds for disabled veterans and active military personnel.

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to bring the voices of the Mount Washington
Valley to the House of Representatives.

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