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Rep Ellen Read

Fish and Game

Rockingham District - 17

Representative Ellen Delana Read has represented Rockingham District 17 – the towns of Newmarket and Newfields – since 2016. She has just been re-elected to her third term in office.
She serves on the Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee, which considers all legislation and matters pertaining to conservation, improvement and preservation of fish, game and non-game species and marine resources within the state.

Ellen and her husband moved to Newmarket eleven years ago, and reside with their three cats and two rescue parrots.

Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Socioeconomic Ethics and Policy from the University of New Hampshire, and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Vanderbilt University, with a double minor in Religious Studies and Japanese. She has worked in political advocacy and social justice in New Hampshire, including positions as a community organizer and manager at locally-based, nonpartisan non-profits on issues which have bipartisan support, such as getting big money out of politics and restoring transparent and fair elections.

Ellen likes to let her constituents know: “We will not see meaningful movement on any issue until we have a functioning democracy that actually responds to the will and needs of the People...and that starts with all of us. We won't ever completely agree with each other, but having upfront and honest communication, in a way that prioritizes integrity, fairness and respect... and actual compassion for each other despite our the only way to create the healthy and robust exchange of ideas that will make the government finally work for us again."

Ellen has received honors from:
*American Promise - 2019. Ellen's bill successfully made NH the 20th state to call for an end to the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision
*Voices of Wildlife - 2019/2020 Legislator Honors
*Humane Society of the US, NH - 2020 Legislator of the Year
*NH Independent Voters - Ellen is the only (and soon to be three-time over) prime sponsor of ranked choice voting in NH, as well as other reforms such as voting machine audits, recall elections, Election Day holiday, and campaign finance reforms

Ellen also likes animals, logic, and chai.

Ellen’s core values as a legislator revolve around People, Planet, and Principles:

PEOPLE - a fair, robust economy that works for everyone includes
* Comprehensive healthcare as a human right
* An equally high-quality education for every student and debt-free college options
* Livable wage and workers' rights
* Supporting and aiding small businesses

PLANET - protecting NH's natural resources
* Protect NH’s pristine forests, waters, & ecosystems...and local governments' rights to protect them from large corporate projects
* Move aggressively to renewable energy, efficiency standards, and reduced emissions
* Improve public transportation
* Strengthen NH’s small-agriculture foundation

PRINCIPLES - returning power to the hands of the People and holding government accountable
* Transparency and fairness in government and elections, exposing the corrupting
influence of moneyed interests
* Return to civil discourse and cooperation between parties, and strengthen the civic engagement of citizens, especially voting
* Defend equal constitutional, civil, and privacy rights for all—uphold the founding
principle of ‘all liberties but those that deny another’s rights"

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