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CONCORD - Today, in anticipation of Governor Sununu’s budget address, Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) and Representative Susan Almy (D-Lebanon) issued the following statements:

“In the next budget, it is critical that we ensure that the costs incurred by the state because of COVID-19 are not downshifted to our homeowners, renters, small business owners, and self-employed workers,” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua). “Now is not the time to offer more protections and tax cuts to out-of-state corporations. Now is the time to make meaningful changes that put money back into the pockets of property tax payers.”

Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester) added “Democrats have worked with Governor Sununu to meet in the middle to lower business tax cuts without shifting the burden to the local taxpayers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has jeopardized the stability of our state revenues. We cannot afford to have more business tax cuts made to big corporations at the expense of Granite State property taxpayers.”

“The Republican proposal for additional corporate tax cuts greatly increases the risk of economic damage as NH strives to recover from the pandemic, draining over $50 million per year once fully implemented,” said Representative Susan Almy (D-Lebanon). “Every dollar cut from state services and aid to municipalities is made up through increased property taxes on families and NH-based businesses. We can provide financial relief to small businesses without busting the budget, and Senate legislation that I am co-sponsoring does just that. Cutting aid to Granite State communities to fund more corporate tax cuts would harm New Hampshire’s economy and turn up the heat on property taxpayers.”

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