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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the House State and Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted unanimously to recommend CACR 32, inexpedient to legislate. CACR 32 declares New Hampshire’s independence from the United States of America. Representative Israel Piedra (D-Manchester) released the following statement:

“While I was pleased to see the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee unanimously recommend CACR 32 inexpedient to legislate today, the committee discussion on this bill was eye-opening and very troubling. In our discussion, some Republican members were more concerned with whether succession from the United States could be successfully implemented than with the concept itself. The committee Chair, a member of House Republican leadership, said he agreed with the concept of secession and lamented how that a sufficient plan does not currently exist to carry it out.

All state representatives took an oath of office to uphold the Unites States Constitution. It is shameful that New Hampshire Republicans are so openly advocating to leave the United States of America.”


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