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CONCORD, NH- Today, the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on HB 1014, which allows public meetings to be conducted virtually. With over 300 Granite Staters submitting online testimony in support and only 14 opposing, prime sponsor of HB 1014 Representative Alexis Simpson (D-Exeter) released the following statement:

“The remote access to state and local meetings provided during the early stages of the pandemic was necessary for Granite Staters to stay safe. Remote access continues to be a cost-effective way to reduce barriers to accessing public meetings. Those who have disabilities, those who have young children, elderly citizens, and those who can’t drive at night or in the snow have all shared how important remote access is to them. These are just some of the people who are able to participate more fully in our democracy when meetings offer remote access.

“HB 1014 provides direction for public notice and public access both to virtual meetings and meetings with an option for remote attendance, under the ‘right to know’ law. The bill is clear that there does not have to be a remote option if there is a physical meeting location. It gives the authority to decide whether a meeting will be remote to the public body, not to an individual member of the body. HB 1014 is good, efficient government.”


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