CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – As the House legislative filing period closes today, Prime Sponsor of proposed legislation to repeal the GOP’s ban speech about race and gender, Rep. Manny Espitia (D-Nashua) released the following statement:

“New Hampshire is becoming more racially diverse with each passing year and the laws that govern us must reflect a commitment to ensuring the Granite State is a place where people of all backgrounds can thrive. Instead of respecting diversity, Republicans and Gov. Chris Sununu have instead chosen to commit tax dollars and resources to eroding the autonomy of our public school system and workplaces to teach about and prevent discrimination.

Republicans have decided that free speech regarding race and gender is too taboo for New Hampshire. Republicans have single-handedly tried to alter the narrative of the history our children are allowed to learn and the important trainings workplaces implement. This week, Democrats have introduced legislation that will fully repeal the destructive and oppressive GOP law to restrict our free speech. Democrats know that Granite Staters welcome diversity in our classrooms, workplaces, families, and neighborhoods and know that openly talking about the ways in which we are different helps us to better acknowledge the ways in which we are the same.”

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