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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Quietly last Friday, Governor Sununu signed HB 373, a bill prohibiting the Department of Environmental Services from participating in discussions of state, regional, or national low carbon fuel standards programs. In response to the news, Ranking Member on the House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee Rep. Peter Somssich (D-Portsmouth) released the following statement:

“Governor Sununu confirmed his view of the issues surrounding climate change by signing HB 373 into law. That is, if our state avoids noticing it, stops listening to others about it, and prohibits speaking about it, that problem will just go away.

Instead of proactively facing climate change issues and looking for opportunities that would benefit the residents of the State of New Hampshire, HB 373 instead prohibits the Department of Environmental Services (DES) from engaging in any way in discussions about or gathering information regarding low-carbon fuels. Not only does this bill restrict DES from performing its duties to our state, but it also removes DES as a source of real-time unbiased information for policymakers and legislatures.

While most New England states are investigating low-carbon and zero-carbon energy sources for the future fuels needed to heat homes, electrify applications, and decarbonize our transportation systems, New Hampshire under Governor Sununu’s lack of leadership ensures that our state will remain at the end of future energy opportunities.”


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