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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the Special Committee on Redistricting met in executive session to deliberate on new lines for Congressional Districts. Deputy House Democratic Leader and Ranking Redistricting Democrat Rep. David E. Cote (D-Nashua) released the following statement:

“The GOP’s utter disdain for Granite Staters was on full display today. The Redistricting Committee held ten public hearings, one in every county, during which the public was resoundingly clear – districts should be drawn fairly to preserve communities of interest and our state’s tradition should not be upended to rig districts for partisan gain.

Instead of listening to the public, the GOP said ‘you know what’s wrong with New Hampshire? We don’t have enough partisanship in our government.’ The Congressional districts recommended by redistricting Republicans today are overtly gerrymandered, make elections less competitive, and contain everything the public opposed.

These GOP districts will encourage more extreme candidates to run, reduce competitiveness in Congressional races, and weaken public interest in politics. Republicans clearly do not believe they can win with ideas, so they have chosen to thumb their noses at the public and upend 140 years of tradition to rig elections in their favor. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

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