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CONCORD, NH- After hearing a series of Democratic-sponsored bills protecting abortion rights in New Hampshire (CACR 18, HB 1674, HB 1673), the prime sponsors of the legislation release the following statements.

Rep. Amanda Elizabeth Toll (D-Keene), Prime Sponsor of CACR 18:

“New Hampshire residents are overwhelmingly pro-reproductive freedom, and this constitutional amendment would solidify that the state cannot infringe upon this essential right. Regardless of future party control at the State House, we must ensure that personal rights remain consistent for Granite Staters. I cannot emphasize enough how important reproductive rights and freedom bills are for the future of our state.”

Rep. Alexis Simpson (D-Exeter), Prime Sponsor of HB 1674:

“For 49 years, abortion care has been safe and legal in this country. While race, income, geographic location, and other factors have always been impediments to access, the last decade has seen numerous states, including New Hampshire, enact roadblocks to intentionally restrict access whenever possible. The majority of my constituents, and the majority of Granite Staters, expect that women will continue to have the right to access safe, legal abortion.

“Putting the right to an abortion into statute ensures that health care providers can practice here without government interference. Granite Staters need and expect quality health care. It’s a disservice to all women and families if we are not able to continue to attract the most professional and dedicated doctors.”

Rep. Marjorie Smith (D-Durham), House Judiciary Ranking Member and Prime Sponsor of HB 1673:

“As lawmakers, we must ensure that every piece of legislation creates positive impacts to Granite Staters. Unfortunately, numerous restrictions were placed on reproductive rights last year. That is why the bills we heard today are so necessary. We heard testimony throughout the day on how the current restrictions are placing unnecessary burdens on both patients and healthcare providers. We heard how healthcare providers, not politicians, should make decisions on reproductive care. We heard how, if we do not pass these pieces of legislation, the fundamental rights of our fellow Granite Staters are infringed.

“The time is now to act to prevent further, unnecessary harm with reproductive rights in New Hampshire.”

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