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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, Republicans on the House Labor Committee passed Senate Bill 61, “Right-to-Work” legislation. Following the vote, Representative Brian Sullivan (D-Grantham) released the following statement:

“The New Hampshire House of Representatives has a long history of beating back right to work legislation. As we have argued time and time again, this legislation would suppress wages and decrease workplace safety standards. Attacking these standards and supports for our workforce is never acceptable, but even less so as our state is recovering from the economic and public health impacts of the pandemic.

We also learned recently that Senate Bill 61 would require the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute labor cases, which they do not currently do. Senate Bill 61 is an assault on workers, families, and businesses and I hope that the full New Hampshire House stands together to again block this legislation.”


On Background:

  • At the public hearing on SB 61, NH Assistant Attorney General Gregory Albert said, “So as written, the law would require our department to both investigate and prosecute cases. That creates concerns about separation of powers, the legislature certainly can make some suggestions but it is the executive branch that makes the determinations as to who to investigate and who to prosecute. Prosecutorial discretion is the foundation of criminal justice and as written it limits our ability to use that discretion. We need to be able to make independent decisions about who to prosecute and who to investigate.” Watch the clip of the hearing here:

  • During public input:

    • 1,703 people signed in against the bill

    • 222 signed in in support

    • 61 testified against the bill

    • 10 testified in support

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