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Rep Maria Perez

Environment and Agriculture

Hillsborough District - 23

I was born in El Salvador, emigrating to the United States to protect my life from terrorists in my home region and to have a better future. I lived first in Nashua and then moved to Milford eighteen years ago. Life was not easy at the beginning, learning a new language and culture, but my goal was to provide my kids with a good life and give back to my community.

I started my community service in 1994, training first with New Hampshire Family Services and then working with women who had been in prison and did not know how to write in either Spanish or English. I showed them how to become more independent and go to doctors’ visits on their own and help their children with their homework. I became a volunteer for the American Red Cross and for the Southern NH Medical Center, and, when needed, I also helped at community events. I have done a lot of volunteer work for political campaigns as well, starting with the Obama campaign in 2012.

I graduated from college in 2016, where I studied small business management and computers, and I worked for Airmar Technology until last year.

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