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Rep Lucius Parshall

Science, Technology and Energy

Cheshire District - 10

I have recently retired from 20 years as a public school music teacher, working with elementary students. Prior to that I worked as an arts administrator and consultant, Grant-writer for New York Public Radio and Executive Director for the Cummington Arts Colony in Massachusetts. 
Along the way I have picked up various degrees and certifications, including a Bachelors of Music from Ithaca College, Masters in Business Administration from SUNY Binghamton, and teaching credentials from Keene State College. 
Rounding out my employment history, I’ve worked several colorful jobs, including stints as a chef, ranch hand, pollster, assembly line worker and in just about every aspect of the wine industry from pulling brush and driving delivery trucks to journeyman vintner and sales, all in my native upstate New York. I’ve often said that you don't learn anything by traveling first class, and I have been blessed with living in interesting times.
In moving to New Hampshire thirty years ago I discovered contra and Morris dancing, and they still sustain me. I have played guitar for over a half-century and still derive great joy from it. I was influenced by the folk singers of the sixties, both musically and politically. My wife and I happily live in Marlborough, where we share a house with her mother and our two children.

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