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Rep Joe Schapiro

Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs

Cheshire District - 16

Representative Joe Schapiro was just reelected to his second term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives where he serves on the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. During his first term he was actively involved in efforts to increase access to telemedicine services and to implement dental benefits for adult Medicaid recipients.

During the last 32 years Joe has lived, worked, and raised a family in Keene, New Hampshire. His wife is a retired elementary school teacher and he has two adult daughters, one an attorney in Boston and the other a Social Worker in New York City. He is extremely fortunate to be the grandfather of two.

Prior to retiring in 2019, Joe had a long career as a Social Worker, working as a clinician and administrator in the mental health field. He has practiced in inpatient, community mental health, educational, and private practice settings working with children, adults, and families. He serves on the board of Monadnock Family Services, the local designated community mental health center, and is a founding member of Keene Immigrant and Refugee Partnership (KIRP).

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