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Rep Anita Burroughs

Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Carroll District - 1

This is my second term as a state legislator, representing Jackson, Bartlett and Hart’s Location. In my first term I served on the House Judiciary committee, and was prime sponsor for affordable housing, campaign finance and animal welfare bills.

Most of my career has been in the business world, and I am now a partner with my husband in a healthcare consultancy; I manage the operations, finance and marketing for the company.

Previously, I worked in the high-tech industry in a marketing capacity for Digital Equipment Corporation, and for several small entrepreneurial high-tech companies. I have both a BA and an MBA, which helped prepare me for the work that I now do as a legislator. I also owned and operated a catering company in my community , and many years later and still getting requests for my services.

I have been an active member of my community. I am one of the founding board members of the Conway Humane Society; I was on that board and also served as chair for over six years. I also served on the board of Starting Point; Services for the Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence for six years and chaired that organization for three years. I was elected to the Bartlett Zoning Board of appeals where I served a three-year term.

My goal in this term will be to continue to advocate for affordable housing and campaign finance reform and will be resubmitting bills that were stalled last term due to the COVID crisis.

I look forward to serving on a new committee, where I hope to expand my knowledge and forge new alliances on both sides of the aisle. I pledge to serve constituents of all parties, and to work for the benefit of the communities I serve and for the state of New Hampshire.

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