CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE –Quietly last Friday, Governor Sununu signed SB 137, a bill that freezes the tipped minimum wage at $3.27 an hour. Advocate for raising the minimum wage, Rep. Kris Schultz (D-Concord) released the following statement:

“It is clearer now than ever that the minimum wage and tipped minimum wage is too low for Granite Staters to succeed. Workers in New Hampshire earn significantly less than workers in every surrounding state and Republicans including Governor Sununu want to keep it that way. SB 137 freezes the tipped minimum wage at $3.27 an hour, preventing any opportunity for Granite Staters to earn equitable wages should the federal minimum wage be increased in the future. The people of New Hampshire deserve to be able to put food on the table and feel comfortable raising families in our state. Our tourism industry relies on the ability to attract and retain tipped employees. This legislation will only exacerbate the worker shortage by discouraging people from seeking employment here and young people from raising families here. With the signing of this legislation, Gov. Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans have failed Granite Staters.”


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