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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – April 9, following almost an hour of delay tactics by House Republicans, the House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 251, legislation that will clarify provisions of how and when to place children under the age of 2 in a rear facing car seat. After the vote Representative Donovan Fenton (D-Keene) released the following statement:

“House Bill 251, supported by New Hampshire State Police Division of Highway Safety and NH Pediatric Hospitals, is a simple change to ensure that children are kept safe in a moving vehicle. Some Republicans made unfounded claims when attempting to kill this bill, even inferring that car seats cause infertility. It is frankly shocking and disappointing that keeping toddlers safe in a car seat to prevent tragedy in the event of an accident would be in any way a partisan issue. I am pleased that this bill prevailed to keep children safe from harm on our roads. When we sensibly work together, we can make great changes for New Hampshire.”

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