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MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the House of Representatives voted 186-164 to pass HB 52, apportioning congressional districts. Special Committee on Redistricting Member, Rep. Marjorie Smith (D-Durham) released the following statement:

“New Hampshire’s Congressional districts have remained largely unchanged for well over a century. For over 100 years, lawmakers have valued continuity and community interest, only adjusting districts as necessary to account for population changes. At public input sessions across New Hampshire, our constituents implored us to reject drastic changes that rig districts for partisan purposes. It is extremely disappointing to see the NH GOP reject that public input, choosing to draw laughably gerrymandered districts instead. We will no longer be able to brag about doing it “the New Hampshire way” if these districts pass into law, as the Granite State will have become just another state that favors partisanship over community interest.

Governor Sununu has stated that he will veto any maps that do not pass ‘the smell test.’ The governor ought to get his veto pen ready because these maps smell like a landfill.”

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