CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE –This afternoon, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all charges in the murder of George Floyd. Following the news, Ranking Democrat on the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, Rep. Linda Harriott-Gathright (D-Nashua) the following statement:

“Today’s verdict is a step forward for black, brown and marginalized people across this country and for accountability that leads to justice in policing. We thank the jurors for their steadfastness and determination to see this through to the end. For the better part of a year, America has watched the horrific video and recounting of Mr. Floyd’s senseless murder. Today America was told to indeed believe our eyes. Here in New Hampshire, just a day after Governor Sununu wrongly proclaimed that systemic racism does not exist, we know that we have much work to do to reduce the inequities in our criminal justice system that disproportionally target, imprison, and kill people of color. This verdict is a call for accountability in all 50 states and those of us in Concord with the responsibility to shape the law must answer the call. We must continue to move to provide and promote understanding, equity and justice for all.”

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