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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – This afternoon, Gov. Sununu held a press conference with State Epidemiologist Dr. Ben Chan, in which he minimized calls for improved COVID response made by physicians Rep. (Dr.) William Marsh (D-Brookfield) and Senator (Dr.) Tom Sherman (D-Rye). In response, Rep. (Dr.) William Marsh (D- Brookfield) released the following statement:

“It is extremely disappointing to hear Governor Sununu continue to deflect responsibility for his own administration’s failure to protect Granite Staters from the COVID pandemic. State Epidemiologist Dr. Chan noted this afternoon that New Hampshire is experiencing its worst caseloads and hospitalizations to date. If the Governor considers my comments yesterday unwarranted or “silly,” then he is not listening to the hospitals begging for our attention. As a hospital trustee since 2004, I know that Huggins Hospital like all others in New Hampshire are inundated with COVID patients, have overflowing emergency rooms, staff shortages, and are cancelling elective surgeries. Governor Sununu’s shirking of his responsibility is impacting the quality-of-care Granite Staters are receiving statewide.”

“As the Governor said, contracts need to be signed before new vaccination sites are opened. Thus, they will take weeks to set up. People who get vaccinated there won't get a boost in antibodies for another two weeks. So, his plan won't even begin to help our struggling healthcare system for at least another entire month. Like I said yesterday, that's too little, too late. As Dr. Chan said, we need to lower transmission. Requiring masks indoors could lower transmission now. Our citizens and our hospitals need help now, not a month from now. “

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