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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, the House Education voted to Retain HB 20, legislation which would establish a new school voucher program in New Hampshire. At public hearings on the bill, over 6000 people signed in opposition and hundreds signed up to speak against. Rep. Mel Myler (D-Concord), the Ranking Democrat on House Education, released the following statement:

“Public education is the foundation of democracy, created for the public good. New Hampshire has historically underfunded public schools, and last term we made significant progress to increase state support, sending over $100 million more to local communities than ever before. This bill would attack public education and decimate the progress we have made in providing state support.

HB 20 has too many serious flaws to list. It contains no protection for students against discrimination, little oversight, and is ripe for fraud. When fully implemented, the program would act as a tax-dollar giveaway to wealthy families. There has never been as much vocal opposition to a piece of legislation in New Hampshire as we have seen on this bill, for good reason.

Based on the Education Committee’s thorough review yesterday, this bill is not ready to go forward. The committee detected numerous significant flaws within this legislation, and I am pleased that we will study the concept further before making a decision that could permanently harm our public schools.”


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