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CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – January 7, 2021, it was brought to light that Representative James Spillane (R-Deerfield) posted an anti-Semitic image on the social media site Parler, one of the sites used by the far-right to organize and execute the pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol yesterday. Following reports of the post, Democratic Leader Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) released the following statement:

“Yesterday at the Capitol in Washington D.C., the country and the world got to see exactly what happens when hate speech and bigotry go unchallenged and promoted. The same day back here in New Hampshire, House Republicans voted to deny introduction of a bill that would have clarified that hate speech, bullying, and all other forms of harassment are not appropriate conduct for elected officials.”

“Today it has come to light that another member of the House GOP has posted a disgusting and dangerous anti-Semitic photo online. This hateful behavior has no place in the New Hampshire House, and I urge the Republican leadership to denounce this action and join me in requesting Rep Spillane to step down from his position.”


On Background:

· A screenshot of Rep Spillane’s post can be found here:

· Last fall, Rep Jim Spillane was investigated by the State Attorney General’s Office for a Facebook post that read “Public Service Announcement: If you see a BLM sign on a lawn, it’s the same as having a porch light on at Halloween. You are free to burn and loot that house.”

· On September 1, 2020, Speaker Stephen Shurtleff called on Representative James Spillane (R-Deerfield) to resign over his comments regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and inciting violence in his community. Full release here:

· As reported by the New York Times, Parler is one of the social media sites used by the far-right to plan, and then communicate in real time, the mob attack on the Capitol yesterday.

· The late filing request that was defeated by House Republicans at session on January 6 was initially made during the House Rules committee meeting on December 15th, but Republicans failed to support it. This request was made in response to the news that newly elected Representative Dawn Johnson (R-Laconia) had shared a post from a neo-Nazi website on Facebook.

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