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MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, on the first anniversary of the January 6th insurrection in the U.S. Capitol, House Democratic Leader Rep. Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) released the following statement:

“There are days that stand out in American history as memories of profound heartbreak for our country. A year after the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol, I harken back to the collective grief we all shared as Americans watching the harrowing footage of an invasion of our democracy.

Today, as the New Hampshire House meets to do the people’s work, I am humbled by the importance for all of us, regardless of party or creed, to protect, preserve and cherish our democracy. For without a shared commitment to justice, suffrage, and the peaceful transition of power, our democracy is fragile.

We also must reject the lies, both nationally and here in New Hampshire, that caused the insurrection to occur. Efforts to undermine our inalienable rights, disrupt the peaceful transition of power and sow distrust in our sacred democratic process must be resoundingly defeated. Make no mistake, New Hampshire House Democrats stand united to support the fundamental values critical to a thriving democracy.”

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